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About NGO Consultancy Nepal

Introduction of Nepal:    

Nepal is a land locked country situated in the lap of Himalayan range. Inheriting vast diversity in geography and ethnicity it is locked by China from the North and India from East, West and South. It is the fifth largest country among the member of South Asia Association for Regional Co-corporation (SAARC). Nepal has been facing major problems like lack of internal financial resources, rapid and unplanned urbanization, illiteracy, poor health and sanitation facilities, shortage of clean and safe drinking water and ignorance on environment change and global warming. In this context, smooth and effective conduction of planned activities and programs stands as a major challenge for International and National non-government organizations in Nepal.

 NGO Consultancy Nepal(Pvt. Ltd)

NGO Consultancy Nepal is established to meet the growing challenges of Nepal’s development through the initiation of non-government sectors and means. Presently, there are thousand of NGOs and hundred of  INGOs working in various fields in Nepal. NGO consultancy intends to organize the efforts of these national and international organizations to yield effective outcomes in most efficient ways.