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Why INGO Consultancy is needed in Nepal ?

After the democracy in Nepal, there are so many organizations established in different part of the country as same time international organizations also want to support for development of Nepal through local level organization to needy and poor people of community. Furthermore there are many international organizations supporting to Nepal however they have lack of information, facilitation and liaison of land of law and foreign aid policy and procedure so they have felt very difficult to support to Nepal what they want to help this country. Similar, local level NGOs also have not sufficient knowledge and skills how to establish organizations and program management. Therefore Mr. Rishi Raj Ojha, the chief consultant of this company is imitated to establish INGO Consultancy in the country. Mr. Ojha who has lots of experienced in the government and non government organizations in the field of social development sector in Nepal since 1982. Before the registration of this consultancy Mr. Ojha consulted several government level policy and planners, social workers, national and international exports and organizations and they encouraged to him to establish such type of consultancy for supporting to local to national level government authorities as well as national and international nongovernmental organizations, UN agencies for providing the information, coordination, facilitation, liaison and management of their interestin social and economic development of Nepal